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コɾ κ コɾ κ CareLink2 Ļ κ CareMeal ôջ ο κ ReWalk Personal 6.0
ȰƷ KineAssist-MX κ RoboWear10L-OP ο  κ ReWalk

Ļ κ, CareMealTM 

CareMeal consists of a grabber arm and a spoon arm. 

CareMeal provides daily convenience to the handicapped.

reduces burden of caregivers or family for meal feeding.
grabs the next food while providing current food, leading to faster eating.
is also suitable for food culture like handling sticky rice and side dishes.
is easy to install or remove the robot.
can change speed of eating and amount of food at one time.
can change mode of eating among automatic, semi-automatic and manual.
can use different types of meal plate up to about 400 x 300  mm.
can replace a washed or new spoon.
can change length and angle of a spoon.
can preset individual parameters such as eating pattern by mobile phone.


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